No6 Love Beirut GymWeekender 55cm


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No6 GymWeekender

The Nappa Fashion GymWeekend embodies the art of packing as one may easily carry a week's wardrobe in the generously sized (and cabin-friendly) New York 50.
Light, supple and ideal for travelling, Maff’s New York 50 has a substantial amount of space. Its square-shaped edges assure that your belongings will be stored as even as possible so no much ironing will be needed by the end of your trip.
Shown here in Arancia Leonis Nappa leaher, with a strap for casual crow-body wear, Maff’s iconic New York 50 Weekend bag is both timelessly elegant and distinctively modern.


Fine Nappa

Nappa leather stands for any type of bovine or sheep origin skins, distinguished by a silky, smooth and low thickness surface.

Dyed in water-soluble colourants to make it more resisting to fading and easier to clean, Nappa is a full-grain leather whose surface has not been altered in any way, except for the hair removal. No corrective procedures have been performed to get rid of natural signs (scrapes or stretch marks), retaining a lot of its original texture and offering a more authentic overall look.

Nappa texture shines for being tough and durable, however soft and pliable, the result of a unique tanning process.

Standard Lining

  • Top quality exclusive microfiber.

Exclusive Lining for:

First side:

  • 1 exclusive zipped (5mm zipper) leather pocket 2nd side

Second side:

  • 1 open leather frame pocket
  • 1 zipped leather frame pocket
  • 1 triple open leather frame pocket

Dimensions: 55 x 25 x 25 cm

If you want to be the first one with a custom made bag for your country, contact us a via whatsapp and we will work togheter to design and manufacture it.