iPhone 13, Glossy Ostrich Gold Bike Zipper Case


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An incredible addition to your phone, this design revolutionises the way a zipper can be used. Attached on the back of a Nappa leather Simple Case, the Zipper Case serves as table support for your phone and accessory to keep your phone safe and chic. Plus, the D-ring located at the bottom allows you to attach either one of our MAFF key ring or MAFF leather neck belt to enjoy your walk or ride around town hands-free.

In essence, all phone cases are unique. MAFF pays extreme attention to the hides and skins used for its products; thus, grain and texture may vary.

Offered in a hand-picked selection of the most delicate exotic skins, Maff proposes a wide range of products crafted using rare materials of the highest quality, chosen for their complex, unique nature, varying sizes and singularity. For an even more exclusive offering, all products crafted in an exotic skin may now also be customised with the option of choosing the colour from a palette of matte and shiny shades, along with the metal hardware and lining. A customisable patch can also be added to create a unique product. Last but not least, true connoisseurs can enjoy a premium offering, with a choice between various exotic skins: Alligator, Crocodile, Python, Ostrich and Ostrich Leg, Stingray with or without its eye, Lizard and Beaver.