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Dining Chair , Oldtimer Collection

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Color: Brown

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The essence of Oldtimer collection runs from the appreciation of the Mercedes-Benz Roadster 300 SL rear luggage rack characterised by its iconic and stylish security leather belts. With a grand debut in the Golden Age, we aspire to keep the MB 300 SL sentiment alive and integrate the emblematic straps into our Oldtimer designs.

OldTimer is full-grain bull leather, meaning no corrective procedures have been performed to get rid of natural marks the skin may present - this allows the leather to retain a lot of its original texture and markings, offering a more authentic overall look. This type of leather is produced in a small family tannery using traditional techniques passed down for generations, and it is the very same one used by Mercedes Benz for SL 300s. Old Timer is vegetable tanned leather, extremely rare nowadays due to the high production costs.

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