Child Seat No4, Based on Cybex Solution Z, 3-12 years, Embroidery Fine Leather


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Nappa leather stands for any type of bovine or sheep origin skins, distinguished by a silky, smooth and low thickness surface. 

Dyed in water-soluble colourants to make it more resisting to fading and easier to clean, Nappa is a full-grain leather whose surface has not been altered in any way, except for the hair removal. No corrective procedures have been performed to get rid of natural signs (scrapes or stretch marks), retaining a lot of its original texture and offering a more authentic overall look. 

Nappa texture shines for being tough and durable, however soft and pliable, the result of a unique tanning process. 

3 to 12 years
Keep your kid cool and safe with the Maff child seat based on Cybex Platinum Solution Z i-Size. Fashioned in red and black Nappa leather with black Alcantara touches, the product mixes contemporary and stylish designs with superior safety, quality and intelligent functionality.

The Solution Z i-Fix with patented reclining headrest grows with your child. Excellent results in ADAC/Stiftung Warentest 05.2020.

Product Details:
Installation with belt: The seat can be used on all vehicle seats with three-point automatic belt.
Comfortable seating temperature
Integrated Side-impact Protection
Patented reclining headrest
Automatic height and width adjustment
Air ventilation system
Optimised Linear Side-impact Protection

Helps to prevent the child's head from falling forward when asleep
Head and shoulder protectors grow with the child
Helps maintain a comfortable seating temperature
Reduces the forces of a side-impact
Extra stability and safety
The head is actively guided into a safe position
Great adjustment
Safety for your child

Length-405 mm
Width-530 mm
Height-625-800 mm
Weight-7.2 kg
Weight: From approx. 15 kg up to 50 kg
Age: From approx. 3 up to 12 years

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