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Child Seat No1, Based on Recaro Monza Nova IS, 3-12 years, Match Your Ferrari


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  • €745
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  • €745
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Nappa leather stands for any type of bovine or sheep origin skins, distinguished by a silky, smooth and low thickness surface. 

Dyed in water-soluble colourants to make it more resisting to fading and easier to clean, Nappa is a full-grain leather whose surface has not been altered in any way, except for the hair removal. No corrective procedures have been performed to get rid of natural signs (scrapes or stretch marks), retaining a lot of its original texture and offering a more authentic overall look. 

Nappa texture shines for being tough and durable, however soft and pliable, the result of a unique tanning process. 

Dad‘s passion used to be for speed. Now he is a father, safety is his foremost concern. Above all, his son wants to enjoy the highest level of comfort and listen to his favourite radio show when driving. Our Monza Nova IS combines the demands of parents with the wishes of children. Integrated loudspeaker and an audio connection ensure the best level of entertainment. While small children are secured using the impact shield, older travellers are strapped in using the vehicle‘s seat belt. Greater driving enjoyment is only possible at Formula One or the funfair. The ADAC and Stiftung Warentest are also convinced of this and gave the multifaceted protector a test score of 2.0.

Impact Shield:
For little children within group 1, the child seat is used with the impact shield and secured with the vehicle's seat belt. The impact shield encircles the child, distributes and absorbs the energy from a collision over its entire surface – comparable to the function of an airbag. Thus, the child‘s sensitive neck, head and chest area are protected. Older children (gr. 2/3) are strapped in with the vehicle‘s seat belt. For maximum comfort and a secure journey over every kilometre.

Integrated head cushion
Air ventilation system
Impact Shield
Can be installed in cars without ISOFIX simply and quickly using the vehicle‘s seat belt
Perfectly adapts to your child‘s body shape and provides the highest level of comfort

Length-56 cm
Width-45-54 cm
Height-67-86 cm
Weight-7.7 kg
Weight: 9 - 36 kg
Age: 9 months - 12 years

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