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iPhone 13, Matte Crocodile Gold Bullet Sniper Case


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The Army collection introduces you to our Sniper Case fashioned in Nappa leather, a real standout innovation designed by @theleathermagician.

The Sniper is an identical silver-colour replica of the .388 Lapua Magnum ammunition developed back in 1983, but it wasn’t until the later 1990’s that it gained popularity and became more widely used. The cartridge was designed to arrive at 1000 meters with enough energy to penetrate five layers of military body armour and still make the kill.

Offered in a hand-picked selection of the most delicate exotic skins, Maff proposes a wide range of products crafted using rare materials of the highest quality, chosen for their complex, unique nature, varying sizes and singularity. For an even more exclusive offering, all products crafted in an exotic skin may now also be customised with the option of choosing the colour from a palette of matte and shiny shades, along with the metal hardware and lining. A customisable patch can also be added to create a unique product. Last but not least, true connoisseurs can enjoy a premium offering, with a choice between various exotic skins: Alligator, Crocodile, Python, Ostrich and Ostrich Leg, Stingray with or without its eye, Lizard and Beaver.