Luxury at its finest.

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Extending beyond what may be described as leather goods, MAFF narrates a story covered in leather and based on personality

From fashion products to Car Accesories:

MAFF is one of the biggest leather manufacturers globally regarding leather types, colour pallet, design variations and product range as an independent brand. We count 8 faux and bovine types of leather (Man-Made, Classic, Nappa, Lagun, Aniline, X-Treme, Oldtimer) and 8 exotic skins (Beaver, Eel, Lizard, Python, Ostrich, Stingray, Alligator).

Moreover, we include exclusive fabrics to our designs, such as: Alcantara, Canvas and Sonnenland; and also the most expensive fabrics in the world, part of our Elegance Collection: Silk, Cashmere and Vicuna, Alpaca.

With over 600 colors, we offer a wide variety of leather goods: from bags and accessories to furniture and car interiors, all made by us and personalised by you. Thus, each item is a statement of self-expression and an extension of who you are.

Also Match Your Car Collection where we only use premium leathers across the entire range; from Nappa and Alcantara, used by premium car manufactures such as Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche and almost all other exclusive car producers for their cars interiors


Our philosophy is based on the adaptability and diversity of our creations meant to fit every individual's desires and necessities.


Excellence is our priority

Quality runs deep in MAFF's DNA.

All MAFF designs are fully customisable and 100% handmade, carefully manufactured by master craftsmen, and adorned with our unique touches.

With endless colour combinations and personalised by you, each item is a statement of self-expression and an extension of who you are.