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Beta Version. Website under development, some features may not work properly.
Beta Version. Website under development, some features may not work properly.

Orders & Shipping

Shipping Information

Depending on the shipping service selected, orders placed on MaffBags can be delivered every day of the week. Shipping costs will vary depending on the type of product you intent to purchase, stock availability and the service selected. Express delivery is available for all destinations and Standard delivery is available in some countries. Last-Minute delivery will be available for certain products and imposes a 20% extra cost of the total amount of the selected product. 

All relevant delivery options available for your order and to your destination will be displayed at checkout.

Shipping Times

Express service for most of Europe and the USA: delivery within 2-4 days. Rest of the world: delivery within 3-7 days.

Standard Service for selected countries: delivery within 2-6 days.

Last-Minute Service for selected countries: 7-10 days.

Please keep in mind that our shipping times should be used as a guide only and are based on time from dispatch. MaffBags cannot take responsibility for customs clearance delays or failed payment approval, though we will try to minimise any potential delays.

Our orders can be delivered by DHL and FanCourier.

Customised Items 

We hope you’re excited to order your customised item! Due to the nature of this order, manufacturing lead times may vary as it is created specifically for you. Please consult the product page for more information on manufacturing times.

Please note: although customised items have a longer lead time, payment will be taken shortly after you place your order.